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Monday, January 3, 2011

Vizio, A Leading U.S TV Manufacturer Joins Google TV

Google TV debuted last year with SONY and Logitech. I have not seen or used the Logitech but SONY, I have. Even though it was not brilliant, the product impressed me.
The SONY could easily stream from Netflix and the capability to browse while watching TV is a novel experience. The Netflix interface was more than a mere library access app. One could select any movie or TV show to watch from the catelog as well as adding these to the Netflix DVD queue and have them mailed to you. The picture in web or the dual view was nice as well but I am a one track mind guy. I only do one thing at a time!
But the Remote Control Android App flipped me over. If you thought it as another TV remote App like those on iPhone :) you in for a surprise. You can actually interact with the TV with this app, you can do voice search for TV shows or movies, you can share videos or websites from your phone to TV. I think the video below should explain it better! So those Vizio TVs and Blu-ray players will bring this unique experience to a wider market. And I am looking forward to see the familiar Android Market on Google TV.

The Official Google TV Blog: Google TV: A new partner for the new year


Elias said...

Love Google TV. As a DISH employee I’ve been using it with the Logitech Revue since it dropped. I love the seamless integration, innovation, and the interface. I haven't used the Sony but the Logitech is awesome.

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