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Thursday, March 27, 2008

YouTube Gets Google Analytics And Offers You Insight Into The Tube.

Google has included YouTube in to the group of Google services that Google provides Analytics services. By looking at the above video, it is very similar to Google analytics that I am using for my websites and Blogs.
YouTube Insight gives YouTube Video creators, YouTube partners and YouTube advertisers more information on the performance of their videos, more information than how many views, comments, favorites, and other basic data currently displayed. Google already offers Google analytics for ads, Google Reader, and websites. I am using Google Analytics for my Blogs and one will be amazed how deep one can get with the information that Google Analytics provide you with.
YouTube Insight must be also important to Google as it is to users, that it has announced this over three of it's blogs that I know. I have listed them below, where you can get more INSIGHT in to the product;
of course Google Analytics Blog,
Google Analytics Blog: YouTube now offers more analytics
YouTube Blog,
YouTube Reveals Video Analytics Tool for All Users
and Official Google Blog,
Insight into YouTube videos
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